PayDent: A New Alternative to Dental Insurance

Thank you for your interest in PayDent, a new alternative to dental insurance. Below please find more information about PayDent, including:

PayDent Benefits

With PayDent, you don't ever have to: 

  • Submit pre-estimates or claims
  • Send statements
  • Bill patients or explain costs to them
  • Deal with service limitations
  • Get rejected claims
  • Pay for claims processing

That's right! With PayDent, you never have to do those things!

PayDent also covers all procedure codes, including cosmetic and elective treatments. Plus, your patient and you determine treatments—there’s no input from third parties! Read more PayDent benefits here. 

How PayDent Works

Instead of paying monthly insurance premiums, patients make deposits to their PayDent account, building a savings account that is exclusively used to pay for their dental treatments. When they have enough money in their account, they schedule an appointment with you. 

After treatment, while they are still in your office, payment is transferred from their PayDent account via ACH directly to your account. There are no claims to process, no rejections, no treatment caps, and no waiting periods. 

PayDent Pricing

There are no up-front costs, or sign-up or annual fees for you or your patients.

PayDent pays you 80% of the ADA national average fee, and patients pay 85%.

If you operate a specialized practice, you can bill patients directly for the difference between your fee and the 80% of the ADA pricing that PayDent pays. 

Help Us Test

Please help us test PayDent by signing up for it, and then steering five to 10 of your uninsured patients to it. Of course, we’ll want your feedback on PayDent, too. 

How To Sign Up

Click here to sign up, then we’ll send you PayDent brochures to place in your office to help sign up patients.  

More Information has more information, including:

  • A brief PPT presentation explaining the genesis of PayDent and why it's the best alternative to dental insurance for both patients and dental care providers
  • A short video showing you how easy PayDent is to use
  • An FAQ

Thank you for your help, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Kevin Patterson, DDS

P.S. See us at the Chicago Dental Society 2022 Midwinter Meeting February 24 – 26 at McCormick Place in Chicago!


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