Welcome to PayDent, a much easier and less stressful way to provide dental care to your patients.

As you know, dental practices face many time-consuming and frustrating business aspects, from dealing with insurance companies and their constraints and requirements to having complicated financial and treatment option discussions with patients. And wouldn't you like to be guaranteed that you'll be compensated, and compensated fairly, for your services?

That's where PayDent comes in. With PayDent, you can provide your patients with the dental care they want and need without insurance hassles or interference. PayDent exclusively enables you, along with your patients, to determine treatments without input from third parties, so you can recommend the best possible treatment and not the least expensive alternate. And you'll know you'll get paid because the easy-to-use PayDent app will inform you immediately and prior to treatment if sufficient funds are available in patient's account to cover the cost of the treatment.

Be sure to check out the fee schedule and this short PDF, and watch this brief video to learn more about PayDent and see how easy it is easy to use. Then sign up, and you'll be on your way to giving your patients the treatments they want and need with guaranteed payment and no time-consuming insurance oversight and control.