1Q: What is PayDent and what are the benefits of PayDent to dental care providers?

1A: PayDent is a new alternative to dental insurance that offers numerous benefits to both dental care providers and patients, including:

  • Eliminates all insurance hassles — there are no claims or rejections, and all procedures are covered;
  • Gives dentists fair compensation for the work they perform — the equivalent of a major dental insurance company’s premier in-network plan;
  • Offers patients fair pricing — 15% off the American Dental Association’s national average fees; and
  • Provides patients with a dental care savings account, enabling them to accumulate funds to pay for their dental treatments.

Other benefits to dental care providers include that it:

  • Exclusively enables dental care providers and their patients to determine treatments, without input from third parties, so dental care providers can recommend the best possible treatment and not the least expensive alternate treatment.
  • Informs dental care providers immediately and prior to treatment if sufficient funds are available in patient’s account to cover the cost of the treatment.
  • Pays dental care providers in full when they render services; payments from insurance can take months.
  • Covers every dental procedure, including elective, cosmetic, preventive, specialty and preferred procedures.
  • Includes patient profiles with helpful insights into patients and their special needs.

In addition, PayDent does not conflict with other plans that dental care providers might accept in their offices. It is primarily designed for patients who don’t have insurance, although patients with insurance can use PayDent and might find it to be a better value!