Company Fact Sheet

Brief description

An innovative new alternative to dental insurance, PayDent offers a host of benefits for patients and dental care providers, including that it:

  • Eliminates all insurance hassles — there are no claims, rejections or service limitation, and all procedures are covered;
  • Gives dentists fair compensation for the work they perform — the equivalent of a major dental insurance company’s premier in-network plan;
  • Offers patients fair pricing — 15% off the average national ADA rates; and
  • Provides patients with a dental-care savings account, enabling them to accumulate funds to pay for their dental care.

Other benefits of PayDent include:

  • No upfront costs or annual fees for dentists or patients;
  • No lost contributions, unlike most health savings accounts;
  • No lost monthly premiums, unlike discount card plans; and
  • No loss of unused benefits.

PayDent operates on any web browser, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.


To make dental care attainable, affordable and hassle free for everyone



Kevin Patterson, a Chicago-area dentist with 34 years of experience, and Steve Valentor, a successful serial entrepreneur and engineer.





Public launch

Sept. 14, 2021




Experienced dentists and corporate executives with expertise in business, data analytics and insurance.

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